• Books in non-chinese
  • Update Time: 2014-02-26

1. 黄荣光. 近代日中貿易成立史論, 比較文化研究所, 2008 (Huang Ronguang. Early Modern history of Japanese trade with China, Research Institute for Comparative Cultural, 2008) (In Japanese)

2. Zhang Xiumin, Han Qi. The History of Chinese Printing, Homa & Sekey Books, Zhejiang Ancient Books Publishing House, September 2009.

3. Su Rongyu, Lu Houmin. China from above, China Tourism Press, 2007.

4. Kwan Yu ChenSun Xiaochun (eds). Frontiers of oriental astronomy, China Science and Technology Press, 2007.

5. Zeng Xiongsheng (on behalf of AASA). Towards a Sustainable Asia: The Cultural Perspectives, Science Press (Beijing) & Springer, 2011.

6. Zhang Baichun, Juergen Renn (eds.). Transformation and Transmission: Chinese Mechanical Knowledge and the Jesuit Intervention, Preprint 313 of Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, 2006.

7. Чжан Байчунь (Zhang Baichun), Яо Фан, Чжан Цзючунь, Цзян Лун. ПЕРЕДАЧА ТЕХНОЛОГИЙ ИЗ СОВЕТСКОГО СОЮЗА В КИТАЙ (Technology Transfer from the Soviet Union to the P. R. China): 1949—1966. Hectop-история Санкт-Петербуг. 2010. (In Russian)