• Field Research on Archaeoastronomy
  • Update Time: 2014-02-26

The research group for the project “Archaeastronomy of the Taosi Astronomical Observatory” carried out a field research trip on archaeoastronomy in ancient China from August 16 to September 2, 2009. The group was led by Sun Xiaochun, and consisted of Sun Xiaochun, Xu Fengxian, and Li Geng from our institute, and He Nu and Gao Jiangtao from the Institute of Archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The group travelled 7 provinces and surveyed the following prehistoric and historic sites: Chengzishan Site of Xiajiadian Culture near Chifeng, Inner Mongolia; Liuheliang and Dongshanzui Sites of Hongshan Culture in Liaoning Province; Paotaishan Site of the Han and Wei in Shuangyashan of Helongjiang Province; Guicheng site of the Western Zhou and Moon Shrine in Longkou of Shandong Province; Chengshan and Liangyatai sites in Sandong Provinces; Dawenkou Sites of Longshan Culture in Juxian, Sandong Province; and Wadian site, Wangchenggang site, and Denfeng Ancient Observatory in Henan Provinces. The group made measurement of the surrounding hills of these sites to search for astronomical alignments in these sites. The field research trip was a preparation for the study of Chinese astronomy in prehistoric times.