• "Sino-Russian space exploration development comparison Workshop" was held at the Institute
  • Update Time: 2014-02-26

   On April 22-25, 2013, the "Sino-Russian space exploration development comparison Workshop" was held in Beijing. Experts and scholars in the field of aerospace history and related research fields from China and Russia attended the meeting.

  The participants from Russia are from Vavilov Institute of History of Natural Science and Technology, Russian Academy of Sciences (Институт истории естествознания и техники им. С.И. ВавиловаРАН), including deputy director Shcherbinin D. Yu (Щербинин Д.Ю.), deputy director Shurov AI (ШуровА.И.), and Prof. Ivanova LV (Иванова Л.В.). Chinese participants include director Baichun Zhang, Profs. Miao Tian, Yidong Liu, Xiaoshan Chen, and Dr. Fang Wang from the Institute, and Prof. Ou Bao from Tsinghua University, and Prof. Chengzhi Li from Beihang University, and Prof. Zhihao Pang from China Academy of Space Technology Institute, and Prof. Changqing Zeng from Beijing Genomics Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Yang Zhao from China Science and Technology Museum and et al.

  During the three-and-a-half-day workshop, twelve reports were discussed, including five reports from Russian researchers and seven Chinese reports. The experts had in-depth exchanges on the space technology developments of China and Russia, as well as major historical events in aerospace industry. China and Russia are the world's two space powers, and cross-cultural, cross-national collaborative research is getting more and more attention with the acceleration of the process of globalization. The studies of the comparative history of the aerospace developments of these two countries are of particularly important academic value and practical significance. Both China and Russia scholars affirmed the outcomes of this workshop, and hope to promote the Sino-Russian aerospace comparative study through continued cooperation.


  Photo of the Participants