• Forum on 'the Launch of Series of Data Acquisition Project on Academic Growth of Senior Scientists
  • Update Time: 2014-02-26


  Release time: 25/06/2013

  The forum on the release of the Series of 'Data Acquisition Project on Academic Growth of Senior Scientists' was held in China Hall of Science and Technology on the afternoon of 17th June 2013. The ten biographies launched, including He Zehui, Xu Guangxian, Chen Shilu and Zhang Hongda, depicted the academic growth trajectory of senior scientists and showcased, for the first time, some of the achievements of the data acquisition project since its beginning.



  The forum was hosted by WANG Chunfa, party member and Secretariat Secretary of the China Association for Science and Technology. Participating leaders and guests of honor included SHEN Weichen, secretary of the party committee and Secretariat First Secretary of the China Association for Science and Technology; XU Guangxian, CAS academician and State Supreme Science and Technology Award winner; FANG Xin, Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Chairman of a board of directors of the Chinese Association of Science of Science and S&T Policy Research, Deputy Secretary of the Party organization of CAS, Director of the Science and Technology and Humanity Specialized Committee of China Association for Science and Technology; DONG Qingjiu, Director of the general office of Chinese Academy of Engineering; FAN Hongye, senior researcher on history of modern China's Science and Technology; ZHANG Li, IHNS professor and chief scholar of the data acquisition project. IHNS director Prof. ZHANG Baichun, IHNS deputy director Prof. WANG Yangzong and deputy director of research department for the history of modern science and technology in IHNS ZHANG Jiuchen also took part in the forum. Other attendees include family representatives of some academicians, academician assistants, student representatives, specially invited advisers for the series, editorial board representatives and 10 authors of the series.



  Prof. ZHANG Li described the acquisition work situation and elaborated on the significance of the project and the publication of the series. Other participants also spoke up and exchanged their understanding and experience of the acquisition project. Academician XU Guangxian introduced the situation of the acquisition team and expressed his gratitude to their efforts, regarding their contributions his highest honor.



  As IHNS director Prof. ZHANG Baichun mentioned in his speech, the acquisition project is meant to devote the nation's efforts to preserving precious sources of scientists and benefiting succeeding researchers. A great number of IHNS researchers take part in the project, which encourages the work of IHNS. It is a long-term task to collate materials and study scientists and IHNS will continue to greatly support it. IHNS deputy director Prof. WANG Yangzong pointed out that the data acquisition series not only documents individual growth history of senior scientists, but also depicts the establishment and development of related disciplines in China, benefiting in-depth understanding of the development of China's modern science. What's more, the project helped train a team of researchers and, thus, is of great importance. On behalf of the authors of the series, Prof. ZHANG Jiuchen also talked about the difficulties and achievements during her data acquisition on Academician CHEN Mengxiong and shared her work experience.



  IHNS researchers made great contributions to the compilation of the ten biographies. Prof. ZHANG Jiuchen, Associate Prof. LIU Xiao, Editor WANG Chuanchao and Assistant Prof. HU Xiaojing composed Chen Mengxiong, He Zehui, Ying Chongfu and Tian Zaiyi respectively.



  Contributed by the Department for the History of Modern S&T