• IHNS, CAS and IMNU jointly developing IHST
  • Update Time: 2019-01-27


On January 7, 2019 in Beijing, a signing ceremony was held to formulate projects for underpinning the Institute for History of Science and Technology (IHST) under the collaboration of the Institute for the History of Natural Sciences (IHNS), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Inner Mongolia Normal University (IMNU). This occasion has ushered in a new period of partnership between the IHNS, CAS and the IMNU. 

Presiding over this ceremony, Zhang Baichun, director of the IHNS, briefly introduced the current disciplinary structure and the research work of the institute. He emphasized that the IMNU is one of the earliest universities in China to establish the discipline of history of science and technology, and has made outstanding achievements, which have been recognized worldwide. He said that the IHNS will spare no effort to promote the cooperation with the IMNU, and facilitate the further development of the IHST. 

This event marked the deepened common ground of the IHNS and the IMNU, both pooling their joint endeavours to co-develop the IHST and thus elevating the discipline to a new level.

Zhang Baichun, director of the IHNS, spoke during the ceremony.


Yun Guohong, president of the IMNU, spoke during the ceremony.


Zhao Li, deputy Party secretary of the IHNS, spoke during the ceremony.

Exchange of gifts.


Participants of the signing ceremony.