• 's report, Integrating Sciences for Sustainability: Bridging Traditional Wisdom and Modern Approaches
  • Update Time: 2024-05-31

Time: 10:00-11:00; May 16, 2024

Address: Academic Lecture Hall of Institute of Natural Science History, Chinese Academy of Sciences


This lecture aims to showcase how interdisciplinary cooperation, especially the incorporation of anthropological perspectives and humanities-driven sustainability science, is crucial for realizing a sustainable future, effectively bridging global initiatives with local actions.


 is a PIFI Visiting Scholar at the Institute for History of Natural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences and a Research Associate in the field of ethnology and anthropology at the Institute for Political Studies in Belgrade. Her professional experience includes participation in various research projects and academic conferences. She is particularly interested in scientific engagements that could enhance connectivity within the global community through improved intercultural communication and sustainable practices.