• AASA Beijing workshop on agricultural culture and sustainable development in Asia 2009
  • Update Time: 2009-09-24

AASA Beijing workshop on agricultural culture and sustainable development in Asia 2009


Aug.12-13 2009

Organizer: Association of Academies of Sciences in Asia AASA


Host: Chinese Academy of Sciences, CAS




08:30-09:00 AUG.12 (Wednesday) Registration at the Second Floor Conference Room of Yingbin Building, BeiJing Friendship Hotel, No. 1 South St. of Zhong Guan Cun in Haidian District, Beijing, China

八月十二日(星期三)上午08:30-09:00 报到,地点中国北京海淀区中关村南大街一号北京友谊宾馆迎宾楼二层会议室


AUG.12 (Wednesday) Floor 2 Conference Room of Yingbin Building, 迎宾楼二楼会议室

Chair主持人: Baichun ZHANG张柏春, Deputy Director & Professor, Institute for the History of Natural Science (IHNS), CAS


1.     9:00- 9:15 The Director of Bureau of CAS International Cooperation addresses the conference中科院国际合作局局长讲话 (in English)

2.     9:15-9:35  Presentation by Prof. Wang Yi, Institute of Policy and Management, CAS: Briefing on the ASSA Program of Sustainable Development in Asia 中科院政策所王毅研究员介绍亚洲可持续发展项目(in English).

9:35-9:45  Discussion讨论


9:45-10:05  Tea Break


3.     10:05-10.55 Presentation by Prof. Watson, Andrew Professor Emeritus of Economics, U. of T.:Agricultural Innovation in the Early-Islamic World. How, why did it happen? And how, why did progress end?.古代伊斯兰国家的农业创新,如何发生?为何发生?又是如何,为何终结?(in English,杜新豪中文译稿)

10:55-11:05 Discussion


4.     11:05-11:40 Presentation by Prof.TokunagaMitsutoshiOsaka University of Economics Faculty of Economics Department of Regional Policy大阪经济大学德永光俊教授:东亚日本农法的变革与持续"Sustainable Agrarian Systems and the transformation of Japan in East Asia"東アジアにおける日本農法の変革と持続(in Japanese,中科学院自然科学史研究所黄荣光副研究员中文口译)

11:40-11:50 Discussion


12:00-13:30   Lunch


AUG.12 (Wednesday) Floor 2 Conference Room of Yingbin Building, 迎宾楼二楼会议室


Chair: Li Chenggui李成贵


5.     14:00-14:30  Presentation by Prof. Li Gengpan, Chinese Academy of Social Science, CASS中国社会科学院李根蟠研究员: Chenfu Nongshu and the evolution of Chinese traditional thinking of the sustainable agriculture 《陈旉农书》与中国传统农业可持续发展思想的演进(in CHINESE)

14:30-14:40  Discussion


6.     14:40-15:10  Presentation by Presentation by Prof. Li Lingfu.Shaanxi Normal University 陕西师范大学李令福教授, On Evolution and Development of Zhengguo Irrigation Canal 论秦郑国渠灌区的发展与演变(in English or CHINESE)

15:10-15:20  Discussion


15:20-15:40  Tea Break


7.     15:40-16:10 Presentation by Prof. Xu Wangsheng, China Agricultural Museum中国农业博物馆徐旺生研究员: On the Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development of Agriculture: Rice-fish System in Paddy Fields as a Case 农业文化遗产和农业的可持续发展:以稻田养鱼为例 (in English or CHINESE)

16:10-16:20  Discussion


8.     16:20-16:50 Presentation by Prof. Wei Luling, Institute for Agricultural History South China Agricultural University华南农业大学魏露苓教授, the feature and future of Indian agriculture印度农业的特色和未来 (in English or CHINESE)

16:50-17:00  Discussion


AUG.13 (Wednesday) Floor 2 Conference Room of Yingbin Building, 迎宾楼二楼会议室


Chair: Prof. Min Qingwen闵庆文


9.     9:00-9:50 Presentation by Prof. Watson, Andrew M.B.Com. (Tor.), M.A. (Tor., Oxon.) B.A. (Oxon.) Professor Emeritus of Economics, U. of T.: Sustained and Sustainable Agriculture in West Asia: Past, Present and Future.持续不变的与可持续的西亚农业:过去、现在与未来 (in English,任博中文译文).

9:50-10:00  Discussion


10.   10:00-10:30 Presentation by Prof. Duk Kyung ChoiProfessor, History Department of Pusan National University韩国釜山大学崔德卿教授:韩国农业文化遗产与可持续发展:以朝鲜时代(1392-1910)为例分析The Legacy of Korean Farming Culture and its Sustainable Development (in CHINESE).

10:30-10:40  Discussion


10:40-10:50  Tea Break


11.   10:50-11:20 Presentation by Y L Nene, Chairman, Asian Agri-History Foundation: Some Classics on Agriculture and Their Relevance Today in Cultivating Medicinal and Aromatic plants印度古典文献中有关农业的论述及其与今日药用植物和芳香植物栽培的关联(in English,华南农业大学教授魏露苓教授中文口述).

11:20-11:30  Discussion


12.   11:30-12:00  Presentation by Miss.Ren Bo,Phd student in the School of Geography, the University of Nottingham,英国诺丁汉大学地理学院博士生任博comparison between run-off desert agriculture in Isreal and low-lying silt filed in China 以色列run-off 沙漠农业和中国古代淤田的比较 (in English or CHINESE)

12:00-12:10  Discussion


12:10-13:30   Lunch


AUG.13 (Wednesday) Floor 2 Conference Room of Yingbin Building, 迎宾楼二楼会议室


Chair: Prof. Duk Kyung Choi


13.   14:00-14:30 Presentation by Prof.Li Chenggui institute of rural development Chinese Academy of Social Science, CAAS中国社会科学院农村发展所李成贵研究员: China's traditional farming culture and its adaptation in modern society 中国传统农耕文化及其在现代社的适应性

14:30-14:40  Discussion


14.   14:40-15:10 Presentation by Professor Min Qingwen, Institute of Geographic Sciences & Natural Resource ResearchIGSNRR, CAS中科院地理科学及自然资源所闵庆文教授, Dynamic Conservation Approaches to Agro-cultural Heritage 农业遗产的动态保护(in English or CHINESE)

15:10-15:20  Discussion


15.   15:20-15:50  Presentation by. Wang YiChao, capital Mountain rural Development Research Center 首都山区新农村发展研究中心王义超,A Historical Review and Thinking on Eco-agriculture Construction in Liuminying 留民营生态农业建设的回顾与思考(in Chinese)

15:50-16:00  Discussion


16:00-16:20  Tea Break


16. 16:20-16:50 Presentation by Prof. Zeng Xiongsheng, Institute for the History of Natural Science (IHNS), CAS 曾雄生: Agro-biodiversity and agricultural development in China 杂种:农业生物多样性与中国农业的发展

16:50-17:00  Discussion


17.   17:00-17:30 Presentation by Prof. Yan Huoqi, Nanjing Agricultural University, 南京农业大学教授严火其The value of local knowledge: as the case of Hani in China 地方性知识的价值——以中国哈尼族为例.

17:30-17:40  Discussion


Close and Dinner