• The research center for scientific communication
  • Update Time: 2016-03-25

Chief: HAN Yi 

Faculty: CHEN Xiaoshan, DU Xinhao, FAN Xiaolong, HAN Yi, LI Ang, LI Jinsong, LI Liang, LIU Hui, MA Minmin,

              Wang Junxiu, XU Dingding, XU Fengxian, ZHANG Zhihui, ZHAO Hansheng, ZOU Dahai 

Newly established on Oct. 2015 by IHNS, this Center serves as a platform for Science Communication Study. And it is an advocate of open access to both domestic and abroad research organizations and individuals. It is based on several other inner-institute disciplines such as HST (History of Science and Technology) in Pre-Modern China, HST in Modern China, HST in the West, and Philosophy of Science and Technology. The center shares its members with other deparments and lab of the institute. It mainly focuses on the theoretical study of Science and Technology Communication, and the display of achievements and research frontier of HST. It devotes to disseminating scientific knowledge, spreading scientific culture and promoting scientific spirit. 

The main responsibilities of the center: 1) under the direction of the institute’s overall strategic layout and plan, taking the research missions relate to science communication, resigned by CAS, National Fond Committee, Ministry of Science of China, China Association for Science and Technology, Bureaus of Cultural Relics and Natural History, etc.. 2) formulating science popularization plans for the institute, together with the Scientific Research Department, and other associate research labs and centers. 3) endeavoring to disseminate scientific knowledge as well as scientific culture, by serving popular science research papers & books, and delivering public activities like popular science exhibitions and reports, so as to help national scientific research administrations, scientific academies & institutions, and the public to learn more about IHNS and the study of history of sciences and technology in CAS.