• Center for Science, Technology and Society
  • Update Time: 2016-03-11

Center for Science, Technology and Society , is an inter-institution open academic platform involved in research on the history of disciplines, discipline development strategies, and macro-scientific and technological strategies.  

As the major national advisory organ for science and technology, the Academic Divisions of CAS is committed to organizing CAS academicians to provide consultation on issues concerning national economic and social development, such as major scientific and technological issues, science and technology development planning, discipline development strategies, and major scientific and technological decisions. The Center will provide academic support and services for the advisory work of the Academic Divisions of CAS.  

The Center is likewise a strategic research innovation team supported by the Development and Planning Bureau of CAS. One of its primary tasks is, from ahistorical perspective but with a global vision, to conduct case studies on the history and models of science and technology, so as to better support and participate in CAS macroscopic strategic decision-making and the construction of a national scientific advisory network and knowledge base.  

The Center was established in November 2010. It consists of 13 staff, and is currently headed by Professor LIU Yidong. The Center relies on a core full-time staff, and also integrates related experts from home and abroad as required. It also taps the accumulated academic knowledge and scholarly expertise of the IHNS in the history of S&T, as well as comparative research on Chinese and foreign scientific and technological development, to conduct research on development trends of major interdisciplinary frontiers, the history of disciplinary development, medium and long-term evolution characteristics, “laws” and planning strategies of scientific and technological development, and major events and contemporary understanding of S&T history.  

Furthermore, additional research is ongoing into the relationship between disciplinary development and the economy and society. The primary goal of the Center is to map the academic environment, policy requirements and social conditions of disciplinary development in China, and to implement strategy studies oriented to the needs of society, the state, policy planning and disciplinary construction.  

Many exchanges have been carried out by the Center, including workshops and cooperation with the Academic Divisions of CAS's divisional strategy study groups and relevant research institutions, with the goal of promoting joint research and academic support in disciplinary development strategy, as well as macro-science and technology strategies. Furthermore, there is a clear focus on building and cultivating a capable team in the areas of disciplinary development strategy and macro-science and technology strategy research. The Center is working hard to develop into an important research institution in this field.  


Chief:  LIU Yidong 

Members:  FANG Yibing, GAO Lu, GAO Shan, LI Ang, LI Meng, LIU Yexin, SUN Lie, WANG Lingyan, XIONG Jiao, YAO Dazhi, YAO Licheng,ZHANG Baichun, ZHANG Jiuchen 

Postdoc:  WANG Yanyu