• Department of History of Science and Technology in Modern China
  • Update Time: 2023-05-20

  Founded in October 1978, the Department for the History of Modern Science carried out research on the history of modern science both in China and across the world, nurturing research students and publishing a number of significant monographs. The Department continued after the Institute restructuring in July 1984, and then, in 1998, it was renamed the Department of History of Science in Modern China and the World, though this was disbanded several years later. In 2010, the Institute established the Department of History of S&T in Modern China, headed by Prof. ZHANG Jiuchen. 

  At present, there are 18 researchers in this Department, mainly young scholars, among whom there are 5Professors, 5Associate Professors and 8Assistant Professors. The Department mainly studies the history of S&T in China in the 20 th century, especially the second half of the 20th century, collecting and collating materials on institutional history, disciplinary history, social history of science, biography, oral history, etc. Members are currently engaged in a number of projects, including the History of CAS, and other “major breakthrough” projects.

Chief: ZHANG Jiuchen

Associate Chief: SUN Lie   

Members: CHEN Yue, FANG Yibing, GUO Jinhai, WANG Bing, WANG Gong, YAN Yiwei, YANG Lijuan,

ZHANG Jiuchen, ZHANG Zhihui