• CONTENTS Vol.3 No.1 February 2006

CONTENTS Vol.3 No.1 February 2006



ZHAO Zhenjiang: Newtons Manuscripts

Thomas BUEHRKE: The Institute in the Attic



JING Dexiang: Beyond the Unretrieval Empireremark on the modernization of science, technology, and politics in Nazi Germany

David M. LAMPTON: Health Policy during the Great Leap Forward

YAN Yiwei, ZHANG Daqing: The First Blood Bank in Chinatransfer, incorporation and consequence of a new medical technique in wartime



GUO Han-Ying: De Sitter Invariant Special Relativity and Its Cosmological Significance



ZHANG Kaixun: Understanding of Invention

LI Xuetong: Hu Shih and Wong Wen-hao

ZHANG Jianxin, ZHANG Kan, and ZHANG Houcan: Psychological Testing Needs to be Built on Nation-wide Standards and Law Basis a dialogue memo on the development and application of psychological testing in mainland China