The “Three Major Breakthroughs”

  Recent CAS policy requires the identification of “Three Major Breakthroughs”, that is major initiatives by each Institute that will serve as launching pads to open up new fields of research. For the IHNS these “breakthroughs” will be founded on some key principles: to keep studying prominent research fields in the history of Chinese S&T, as well as other newly-developing fields; to center efforts on planned research and prioritize breakthroughs; and to contribute highest quality research comparable to international counterparts.



  The “Five Priorities”

  The Institute’s five research priorities under the “One-Three-Five” policy will be as follows.

  Five-Priority One:Research on Cultural Heritage;

  Five-Priority Two:Research on the History of Science and Technology in Modern China;

  Five-Priority Three:Comparative and Cross-cultural Studies of the Development of Science and Technology in China and Other Countries;

  Five-Priority Four:Research on Science and Culture;

  Five-Priority Five:Research on Theories and Strategies of Science and Technology Development.

  Five research priorities, which should be built on the traditional strengths and comparative advantages of the Institute and adapted to the latest academic trends.