• Three-Breakthrough Three:Research on the Relations between Scientific and Technological Development and Modernization
  • Update Time: 2014-02-26

This program is presided by Prof. Zhang Baichun. The aspects of historical research in this program will support the study of S&T strategy. It consists of two parts. One is the study of relations among scientific and technological revolutions and the modernization of nations. Another is the study of strategies of the development of individual scientific disciplines (discipline development strategies). Based on new research on the history of S&T, it seeks to reveal the models and routes of S&T development, enquires into discipline development strategies, and investigates issues such as the interaction of scientific and technological innovation with the economy and society. It also elaborates the role of scientific or technological revolutions in modernization, and proposes new viewpoints and interpretations to support studies in S&T strategy. It is planned to complete a brief book series on these issues in the next 10 years, including Scientific Revolutions, Technological Revolutions and Modernization, General Report on Discipline Development Strategy.