• Three-Breakthrough Two:Research on the History of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (HCAS)
  • Update Time: 2014-02-26

This research program is presided by Prof.Wang Yangzong. CAS is the epitome of the Chinese scientific system in the 20th century. Research on the history of CAS provides a key to understanding S&T in 20th century China. It can also provide valuable lessons for the current reform of the scientific research system. This program mainly focuses on the: 

- management system, in particular the foundation and development of its institutes and universities; 

- establishment and evolution of its major disciplines and transformation of its research structure; 

- role of leading scientists; 

- influence of Chinese society, economy and policy on CAS, including its institutes and disciplines; 

- contributions of CAS to S&T development and national construction. 

In the next 10 years, it is planned to complete several works, including An Introduction to the History of CAS, Book Series on the Concise History of CAS Institutes, Biographies of CAS Scientists, and A History of CAS Academic Divisions.