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  • A Study on the Collation, Proofreading and Printing of the Si Ku Quan Shu Editions with Wang Zhen Nong Shu as an Example
Jounal : Print Culture
Author : Xianbin SUN    
YEAR : 2023-06-20
Vol. :
No. : 02
Page : 49-59+72
Abstract :

The Wang Zhen Nong Shu, or Agricultural Treatise of Wang Zhen, exists in various editions within the Si Ku Quan Shu system, including the Wen Yuan Ge edition, Wen Su Ge edition, Wen Jin Ge edition, Wen Lan Ge edition (with two volumes preserved), and the Wu Ying Dian edition, as well as the Min edition and Guang Ya edition, which are two rare editions from outside the system. As a typical case within the Si Ku Quan Shu system, this paper meticulously collates the textual variants of the above editions of the Wang Zhen Nong Shu. By showcasing the process of its textual formation and evolution, it further reveals the complexities involved in the collation and printing of the Si Ku Quan Shu editions. Additionally, it points out that the textual criticism concept of the Si Ku Quan Shu era unconsciously integrated the principle of 'establishing right and wrong' advocated by Duan Yucai, which continues to inf luence present-day textual criticism practices.