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Title Author Year Jounal
Selection and Transformation under the Influence of the Soviet Union: Formulation of the Regulation on Postgraduate Cultivation by Chinese Academy of Sciences in Its early Stage GUO Jinhai 2013 Sociology of Science & Technology
On the Cast-on with Revit Structure in the Bronze Foundry in Ancient China SU Rongyu 2013 亚细亚铸造技术史学会研究发表资料集
Using Sequential Relations of Day-Dates to Determine the Temporal Scope of W. Zhou Lunar Phase Terms XU Fengxian 2012 Early China,
Chapter 19 Dam Construction Ethics in China. ZHANG Zhihui 2012 Engineering ,Development and Philosophy
Sino-Soviet Cooperation in Natural Resources Surveys: Interactions between the Two Academies ZHANG Jiuchen 2013 Sociology of Science & Technology
Debate on Work Guideline of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1981-1983 WANG Lina 2013 Sociology of Science & Technology
Tentative Discussion on E. Diaz and the Influence of Tianwenlue on the Chinese Astronomy YAO Licheng 2012 Science Press
A formal system of Gougu Method: A study on Li Rui’s Deatiled Outline of Mathematical Procedures for the Right- Angled Triangle TIAN Miao 2012 The History of Mathematical Proof in Ancient Traditions
The Jesuits and their Study of Chinese Astronomy and Chronology in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries HAN Qi 2012 World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd,
Does gravity induce wavefunction collapse? An examination of Penrose's conjecture GAO Shan 2013 Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics
The History and Institutional Characteristics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: a Sketchy Account WANG Yangzong 2013 Sociology of Science and Technology
A discrete model of energy-conserved wavefunction collapse GAO Shan 2013 Proceedings of the Royal Society A
The Transmission of European Mechanical Knowledge into 17th-Century China ZHANG Baichun,TIAN Miao 2013 Ion Visa, The 11th IFToMM International Symposium on Science of Mechanisms and Machines
A quantum physical argument for panpsychism GAO Shan 2013 Journal of Consciousness Studies
Theories of Solar Motion in Chongzhen Lishu, Yuzhi Lixiang Kaocheng and Lixiang Kaocheng Houbian LU Dalong 2012 Science Press