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  • Selection and Transformation under the Influence of the Soviet Union: Formulation of the Regulation on Postgraduate Cultivation by Chinese Academy of Sciences in Its early Stage
Jounal : Sociology of Science & Technology
Author : GUO Jinhai    
YEAR : 2013
Vol. : 4
No. : 1
Page : 40-46
Abstract :

In 1953, due to needs of self-development and national construction, in view of experiences of Soviet Academy of Sciences, the Party Leadership Group of Chinese Academy of Sciences decided to take the cultivation of scientific cadres as one of the central tasks and the cultivation of postgraduates as one of the focal points, following which the formulation of Interim Regulations on Postgraduate Cultivation by Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as Regulations) was carried out. The Regulations was drafted in 1955 and issued in August, 1955. Its contents were obviously edified by the Soviet policies and systems for cultivating scientific cadres; however, to formulate regulations on postgraduate cultivation applicable for China's actual conditions, Chinese Academy of Sciences didn’t indiscriminately imitate them, but made discreet screening and modification, with the absorption of many comments and suggestions from inside and outside of the Academy. The formulation of the Regulations laid momentous systematic foundation for Chinese Academy of Sciences to rapidly play an important role in China’s postgraduate education in the next ten years since then. The Regulations also provided reference basis for China’s institutions of higher learning to accumulate experiences on postgraduate education, and thus facilitated the development of postgraduate education towards the normalized direction.