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Names Research Fields
  BAO Ning  
  CHEN Pu History of Technology in Modern China. 
  CHEN Wei History of Technology and Mathematics. 
  CHEN Xiaoshan History of S&T in Ancient China, History of Geography. 
  CHEN Yue History of the Transmission of S&T between China and the West, History of mechanics. 
  Chen Chaoyong  
  Chen Zhanjing  
  DU Xinhao  
  FAN Xiaolong Newtonian Optics, Scientific Revolution 
  FANG Yibing History of modern metallurgy, History of modern technology, comparative studies of S&T development, S&T strategy. 
  FANG Zaiqing History of science, Philosophy of Science, Sociology of Science. 
  GAO Feng History of Mathematics, Scientific and Technical Classics 
  GAO Lu STS, Historiography ofS&T, Scientific and Technological Policy. 
  GUAN Xiaowu History of Technology, Archaeological Science. 
  GUO Jinhai History of Modern Mathematics in China, Social History of Science in Modern China, History of CAS. 
  GUO Yuanyuan History of Arabic Mathematics in Ancient Times. 
  Gao Zhimin  
  HAN Yi History of traditional Chinese medicine, History of epidemic diseases, Studies of scientific and technological literature in ancient China. 
  HUANG Xing History of Physics, History of Iron Smelting Technology, History of Machinery, The Computer Simulation Research for History of Technology 
  JIAO Zhengshan Science, Technology and Society; Science-related Museums; The History of Science and Culture; Science Communication. 
  LI Jinsong History of Chemistry in Ancient China, History of Education in Ancient China, Investigations of Traditional arts and crafts in China. 
  LI Liang History of astronomy; History of Sino-Foreign Science Exchanges 
  LI Meng Policy and Strategy of Science and Technology. 
  LI Mingyang History of Engineering and Technology  
  LI Runhu  
  LIU Hui History of S&T in Ancient China, History of Textile Technology. 
  LIU Jinyan History of Modern Physics. 
  LIU Liang History of Science in Modern China; History of Agriculture. 
  LIU Yexin History of Medicine 
  Li Yingxin  
  Li Yunyi  
  Lü Xin  
  Pan Shuyuan  
  RAO Kai Management of S&T, Policy and Strategy of S&T. 
  Ren Xiaolin Geoarchaeology, environmental archaeology, and environmental history 
  SUN Chengsheng History of science in the Ming and Qing Dynasties; Sino-Western scientific exchanges in 17-19th centuries. 
  SUN Lie History of Technology 
  SUN Xianbin Chinese Classics, Archives Digitization, History of Science and Technology 
  Si Hongwei Computer History; Scientific Communication; Science Museum 
  TIAN Miao History of Mathematics, Comparative Studies of Science. 
  WANG Bin History of Technology in modern China, History of Railway Engineering. 
  WANG Fang Soviet and Russian history of science and technology, space history 
  WANG Gong The social history of science and technology in modern China (History of science in WWII, History of nutrition science, History of electronics and communications engineering) 
  WANG Lingyan Informatics 
  WANG Tao History of Modern Mathematics, The Spread of Mathematical Culture 
  WANG Yanyu STS, Studies of Scientific and Technologic Management and Strategy. 
  WEI Yi  
  Wang Xiaofei  
  Wen Heng The history of science and technology in modern China 
  Wu Miao The history of science and technology in modern China ,History of medicine 
  Wu Shilei  
  XU Fengxian History of astronomy, Archaeoastronomy. 
  YAN Xingru Science Communication, Design Management 
  YAO Dazhi history of science and technology in France, phenomenology of science and technology, historiography of science and technology 
  YU Yueyuan  
  ZHANG Baichun History of technology, mechanics and knowledge transmission; comparative studies of S&T development; S&T strategy study 
  ZHANG Jiuchen History of the geosciences. 
  ZHANG Zhihui History of Science and Technology in Modern China; Philosophy of Technology and Engineering 
  ZHENG Cheng History of S&T in Ming and Qing China, History of Military Technology. 
  ZHOU Wenli History of S&T in Ancient China, History of Metallurgy, Scientific Archaeology. 
  ZHOU Xiaohan The history of mathematics in China 
  ZOU Dahai History of Mathematics in Ancient China, especially the early period. 

Postdoctoral Scholars
Names Research Fields
   Dong Chen  
   Xu Yanan Subject institutionalization of history of science and technology in USSR 
   Zhang Siyuan