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  • WANG Yanyu

Name:  WANG Yanyu

Ph.D., Associate Professor 

Departments and research group: The Center for Strategic Studies and the Science and Technology Strategy Study Innovation Team




Shandong University, Ph.D. in Philosophy of Science and technology ,2006.9~2009. 7

Guangxi University, Master of Philosophy of Science and technology,2003.9~2006.7

Qingdao University, Bachelor of  English(public relation),1999.9~2003.7


Employment History


Institute Of Science, Technology And Society, Tsinghua University, Ph.D. in Philosophy of Science and technology, 2009.9~2011. 9


Research Interest/Areas


My major is Philosophy of Science and Technology. In my PhD thesis, I did the research on the relation between scientific text and the scientific world, it is about whether the words of the scientists in form occasion is the same with the inform occasion, especially whether the words of scientific experiments in formal papers can really reflect what really happened of the experiment practice . Now I am doing research about the normative turn of STS, in my opinion the STS should broaden his research perspectives from just describing scientific knowledge production to bring the people valuable ideas about what to do when they face dilemma related to science, I am now researching about how to absorb STS research methods(especially its micro analysis methods) into science and technology policy research domain, I try to combine the macro analysis methods (for example the macro management system analysis of science and technology development) with micro analysis methods(for example the analysis of scientistsˊexperiment practice in science labs) of science and technology development together, so to give the policy makers a more comprehensive and integrated perspective, now I am finding ways to construct suitable and feasible method toolbox .


Selected Publications


1. Wang Yanyu, Zhang Xiang,” On SSK Challenge Towards the Theory of Merton Ethos”, Science , Technology and Dialectics, 2007,24(3):32-36

2. Wang Yanyu, Ma Laiping,” The Deconstruction of The Dilemma of Reflectivity and The Future of Sociology of Scientific Knowledge”, Journal of Dialectics Of Nature, 2011,33(1):67-74

3. Wang Yanyu, Cheng Zhibo, ” The Meaning of Scientific Paper: From Conventional Explanation to SSK Explanation ”, Studies in Philosophy of Science and Technology, 2011,28(5):31-36

4. Wang Yanyu, lin Juren, ”The Discourse Construction of the Scientific World : A Research on Mulkay' s DA”, Studies in Dialectics of Nature, 2010,26(6):12-17

5. Wang Yanyu, Chen Kunming, ”The alienations o f academic authorities”, Scientific Management Research,2007,25(6):40-43

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7. Wang Yanyu, Chi Tian, ”The paradigm Change of Scientific Text Research”, Studies in Science of Science, 2009,27(3)

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12. Wang Yanyu, ” Research on the Intervention strategy of STS”, Studies in Philosophy of Science and Technology, accepted




Address:Institute for the History of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences,


Beijing, 100190

Email: wangyanyu1982@163.com

Phone number: 18810835916