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  • Wu Miao

Name: WU Miao 

Ph.D., Assistant Professor 


Research Interest/Fields


History of medicine(particularly the history of vaccine, the history of Gynaecology and Obstetricswomen and health), The history of science and technology in modern China




2017.09—2020.06    Institute for the History of Natural Science, CAS -- Ph.D. in History of Medicine

2014.09—2017.06    Peking University--MA. in History of Medicine

2009.09—2014.06   Wuhan University of Science and Technology--BA. in Preventive medicine  


Selected Publications 

1.WU Miao,TANG Wen Pei. Postpartum Depression: A Psychology or a Pathology Journal of Dialectics of Nature. 2022, 44(03):82-88.

2.WU Miao, The Introduction of Modern Western Obstetrical Pain Relief Technologies and Their Influences[J]. The Chinese Journal for The History of Science and Technology, 2021,42(03):385-393.

3.WU Miao, Modern Communication, Convergence and Controversy between Chinese and Western Obstetrics: With Focus on Postpartum Blood Stasis and Blood Dizziness[J]. 2021(02):243-259+308.

4.WU Miao.  The History of Mass Immunization in Modern China from  a Biopolitic and Global Perspective[J]. Chinese Mmedical Literature and Culture, 2021(01):263-271+290.

5.WU Miao. The Resarch of the History of Medicine from Chinese and Western Perspective : A comparative Study of  the medicine volume from Science and Civilization in China and The History of Science and Technology in China [J]. Research on the history of Science, 2020:237-247.

6.WU Miao. Nv Ke Bai Wen and Gynaecology and Obstetrics in Song Dynasty [J]. the Study of Song History,2020(01):263-277.

7.Wu Miao. A Study on the First Chinese Translation of Japanese Obstetrics Textbook Zhu Shi Chan Po Xue in Modern China.Chinese Journal of Medical History. 2019,49(03): 139-145.

8.WU Miao,TANG Wen Pei.The Medicalization of Body ExperiencePremenstrual Syndrome as a Case Study.Medicine and Philosophy. 2019,40(9):10-13.

9.Wu Miao. A Study on the First Obstetrics Translation Tai chan ju yao in Modern China, Chinese Journal of Medical History. 2018,48(1) : 37-42.

10.Wu Miao. John Preston Maxwell and His Contribution to Gynaecology

and Obstetrics of Modern China, Collections of Essays on the History of Science and Technology. Series 42018:127-144.

11.TANG Wen Pei, WU Miao. The Body Politics of Pain: Changing Historical Perspectives of Pain Relief in Childbirth, Journal of Dialectics of Nature. 2018,40(02):65-71.

12.TANG Wen Pei, WU Miao. Medical Interference and Social Response in Childbirtha Medicalization Perspective, Studies in Dialectics of Nature.2018,34(03):67-70.

13.TANG Wen Pei, WU Miao. A Feminist Criticism on the Medicine of Barbara Ehrenreich, Studies in Philosophy of Science and Technology. 2018,35(01):106-110.

14.TANG Wen Pei, WU Miao. The Concept and Revolution of the Male Climacteric, The Chinese Journal of Human Sexuality.2018 (03):157-160.

15.TANG Wen Pei, WU Miao, The Application of Obstetric UltrasoundHistory and Controversies, The Chinese Journal for the History of Science and Technology,2017, 38(04):379-387.

16.WU Miao,TANG Wen Pei.Women’s Health Movement and The demedicalization of Childbirth, The Chinese Journal of Human Sexuality. 2017, 26(8):154-157.





Address: Institute for the History of Natural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 
55 ZHONGGUANCUN East Road, Haidian District 
Beijing, 100190 

Email: wumiao@ihns.ac.cn