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  • LI Liang


Name: LI Liang

Ph.D., Professor

Residence: January, 2013– now

Departments and research group: Department of History of Science and Technology in Pre-Modern China (Pre-Modern Department)




REHSEIS-SPHERE, UMR 7219, CNRS and University Paris Diderot (ANR Project “the History of Numerical Tables”)/Paris/France, 01/2012-12/2012 ,Post-Doctor

Max Planck Institute for the History of Science/Berlin/Germany, 10/2011-12/2011, Visiting Scholar

Department of History of Science(University of Science and Technology of china)/Hefei/ China, History of Science(Ph.D. Candidate), 09/2008-06/2011

National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (University of Science and Technology of china)/Hefei/China, Nuclear Science and Technology (M.Sc. Degree), 09/2006-06/2008

Anhui University of Architecture/Hefei/China, Computer Science and Technology (B.Sc. Degree), 09/2002-07/2006


Employment History


Institute for the History of Natural Science in Chinese Academy of Science, , Research assistant professor, January, 2013-Now


Research Interest/Fields


History of astronomy; History of Sino-Foreign Science Exchanges


Selected Publications


1. LI Liang; Arabic Astronomical Tables in China: Tabular Layout and its Implications for the Transmission and Use of the Huihuilifa, EASTM ,forthcoming.

2. LI Liang; LU Lingfeng; SHI Yunli. The Eclipse Calculation Accuracy of the Huihui Calendar.Studies In The History of Natural Sciences,2011.03.

3. LI Liang; LU Lingfeng; SHI Yunli. On the Compilation and Application of theDatong Li as seen from its Eclipse CalculationMethods, The Chinese Journal for the History of Science and Technology,2010.04.

4. LI Liang; LULingfeng; SHI Yunli. The Accuracy of the Eclipse Calculation of the Huihui Calendar. theSeventh International Conferenceon Oriental Astronomy (ICOA-7) in Tokyo, Japan,Sep.2010.


Title of the Ph.D.dissertation:

Computer-Aided Analysis and Comprehensive Research of the Calendrical Astronomy Systems in Ming China



Prof. SHI Yunli石云里


Talks and Presentations


Sept. 2010:

The Seventh International Conference on Oriental Astronomy,ICOA-7,Tokyo,Japan

Topic: “The Accuracy of the Eclipse Calculation of the Huihui Calendar”


Jul. 2011:

The 13th International Conference on the History of Science in East Asia,Hefei, China

Topic: “An Important Eclipse Deliberately Deleted from ChongzhenLishu (崇祯历书) :Book Purgation and the Credibility of Jesuit Astronomy in China”.


Dec. 2011:

Place:Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin, Germany

Topic: “Calendrical calculations in the early modern China”


Mar. 2012:

Workshop on Histoire des sciences, histoire du texte, Journéessur les sources chinoises, Paris, France

Topic: “The various versions of astronomical tables in the Muslim (Huihui) calendar”


Apr. 2012:

Workshop on history of numerical tables, Marseilles, France

Topic: “Astronomical tables in the ancient China”



The XIXth Conference of the European Association of Chinese Studies, Paris, France

Topic: Measuring units and quantities in Chinese ancient astronomic tables


Oct. 2012:

Workshop on Internationalization of Arabic astronomical texts and tables, Paris, France

Topic: A case study in layout transmission of Islamic astronomical tables in China


Dec. 2012:

Workshops on Li Chunfeng and on historical treatises in early Tang China, Paris, France

Topic: Astronomical tables in “Lülizhi” 律历志: on the creation and adoption of the term “licheng”立成


April. 2013:

Workshops on history of numeric tables, Bretagne, France

Topic: Numerical Tables in Chinese Documents dealing with mathematics or astral sciences


Jul. 2013:

The 13th International Congress of History of Science, Technology & Medicine, Manchester, UK

Topic: The Eclipse Records Deliberately Deleted from Chongzhen Lishu (崇祯历书)




Jun. 2011:

President Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences for Outstanding PhD Students(中国科学院院长优秀奖)


Oct. 2010:

Award for Excellent Doctoral Student granted by Ministry of Education(教育部博士研究生学术新人奖)


Nov. 2009:

First Prize of the Seventh National Youth Symposium on History of Science and Technology(第七届全国青年科技史学术研讨会论文一等奖)


Dec. 2008:

CAS Special Grant for Postgraduate Research, Innovation and Practice (中国科学院研究生科技创新专项资助)




Institute for the History of Natural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 55 Zhong Guan Cun East Road, Haidian, Beijing 100190, P. R. China 

Post Code: 100190

Email: liliang@ihns.ac.cn