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  • GAO Lu


Name:GAO Lu

Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Residence: June, 2011– now

Departments and research group: Department of History of Science and Technology in the West (Western Department)




Tsinghua University,Ph.D. in Philosophy of Science, STS, 2007.09~2011.06

ESRC Innogen Center,Affiliate researcher, 2009.05~now,

Edinburgh University,Visiting Research Scholar; ISSTI Center, Co-worked with Prof. Robin. Williams,2008.09~2009.08

Policy research center of Daxing District, Beijing,Assistant Research Fellow, 2008.07~2009.09,

China Agricultural University, M.A. in Philosophy of Science and Technology, 2005.09~2007.07

National Science Foundation of China, Assistant Research Fellow in Policy Bureau, 2006.03~2006.06

China Agricultural University, B.A. in Management of Science and Technology, 2001.09~2005.07


Research Interest/Areas


STS, History of 20 Century life sciences


Selected Publications


1. GAO Lu, LI Zhengfeng, “From government to governance: the BSE crisis and the evolution of British biotechnology policy paradigm”The studies in Science of Science, 2010, 28 (5): 655-661

2. GAO Lu, LIU Li, “The new discovery in STS: the review of the 2010 China STS Theory Conference”, The journal of Shandong Science and Technology University2010(2):9-13

3. GAO Lu, Beyond ELSA agenda: a case study of ESRC Genomics Network, in YANG Jian, LIU Bing Ed. The social action of science and technology: Tsinghua University Press, 2010: 303-313

4. GAO Lu, Limit to Governance, Space for STS, SCRIPTed,, 2010(2):20-23

5. GAO Lu, TONG Fangyan and DENG Xin’an, “Impact of Sci-tech Basic Inputs on the Output of Papers——Taking China’s International Papers as an Example”, Science and Technology Progress and Policy, 2007(9):25-28

6. GAO Lu, XU Jingjing, DENG Xin’an, “Enlightenment from Bioeconomy to Sustainable Development of Agriculture in Resourceful Area”, Impact of Science on Society, 2006(1 ):12-15

7. LIAO Miao, GAO Lu, “Convergence of Science and Philosophy, Cultivation of the Excellent Innovative Talents”, Studies in Dialectics of Nature , 2010.26(11):124-128


Professional Memberships


member of the Society for the Social Studies of Science


Talks and Presentations


2012, 10 Copenhagen, 4S conference, Present in the topic of The historical evolution of STS in China

2012,5 Berlin, MAX Plank Institute for the History of Science, International workshop for the ' Science revolution, Technology Revolution and National Modernization '

2012,3 Greifswald, International workshop of the Political and context of Science Studies in Cold War and Beyond, articles' From Dialectics of Nature to STS'

2011.11 Cleveland, 4S conference, presentation "Intervene the Science in the making: Human practices in Synthetic Biology in Peiking University"

2010.8 Tokyo, Presentation ‘Beyond ELSA Agenda: The Serviceable STS Practice in EGN’ in 4S Conference

2009.10 Cardiff, Observer and Helper for the EGN Annual Conference

2009.9 London, Presentation ‘Gene Therapy in China and its governance framework’ in the Final conference of EU Bionet Project

2009.4 Brussels, Evolved in the discussion of risk governance in different cultures in EU RiskBridge workshop



Institute for the History of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences,


Beijing, 100190