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  • HUANG Xing

Name: HUANG Xing

Associate Professor in the Institute for the history of science and technology, Chinese Academy Science.



Departments and Research Group: Center of Scientific Studies on Cultural Heritage, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)


Research Interest

History of Compass Technology, History of Iron Smelting Technology, History of Machinery, The Computer Simulation Research for History of Technology


Education History

2009.09~2014.06  PH.D., Major in History of Science and Technology, Institute for Cultural Heritage and History of Science and Technology, University of Science & Technology Beijing,

2006.09~2009.06  Master, Major in History of Science and Technology, Institute for the History of Science and Technology, Inner Mongolia Normal University,

2002.09~2006.06  Bachelor, Major in Physics, Department of Physics, Tangshan Normal University.


Employment/Visiting History

2018.04~        Associate Researcher, Institute for the History of Natural Science, CAS

2016.07~2018.04  Assistant Researcher, Institute for the History of Natural Science, CAS

2016.10~2016.12  Visiting Post Doctor, Institute for the History of Science and Technology, MPIAS, Germany

2014.07~2016.06  Post Doctor, Institute for the History of Natural Science, CAS

2013.08~2013.11  Visiting Doctor, Needham Research Institute, Cambridge, UK


Academic Books

1.    HUANG Xing, Qian Wei. A study on the blast furnace profiles in Ancient China. Science press, 2022.

2.    HUANG Xing. New Proof of South-Point—An Empirical Study on the Compass Technology in Ancient China. Shandong Education Press, 2020.

3.    QIAN Wei, HUANG Xing. A Notes of Ironmaking. Metallurgical Industry Press, 2016.


Invention patent authorization:

1. A kind of Magnetic Moment Measuring Device and the Measuring Method ZL201710144060.4


Selected Papers

1.    Wei QIAN, Xing HUANG. Invention of cast iron smelting in early China: Archaeological survey and numerical simulation. Advances in Archaeomaterials, 2021(2): 4-14.

2.    HUANG Xing. The Compilation and Editorial Board of The History of Science and Technology in Pre-Modern China. Studies in the History of Natural Science, 2020:11-20.

3.    HUANG Xing. A Surveying and Comparative Study on the Blast Furnaces in Song and Liao Dynasty. Proceedings of the International Conference the Tea Road and Nomads, International Institute for the Study on Nomadic Civilization, 2019:22-34. (In Chinese)

4.    HUANG Xing. Qixing Cement Company. An example of Chinese Industrial Heritage: Industrial Heritage from the View of Technological History. Shandong Science and Technology Press, 2020: 103-114. (In Chinese)

5.    HUANG Xing. An Empirical Study on the Ancient Compass——Also on the Application of Magnetic Technology and Its Cultural Customs. Gezhi, Kaogong and Yuanliu: The Inventions and Creations of Science and Technology in Ancient China—— Lecture Collections of Famous Experts in National Library of China. Beijing University Press,2020:143-176.

6.    HUANG Xing. Experimental Research on the South-pointing Loadstone Spoon (Sinan). Chinese Annals of History of Science and Technology, 2019.5:21-43.

7.    HUANG Xing, Li Linfeng. Application and Influence of Flap Valve Mechanism on Ancient Bellows. Explorations in the History and Heritage of Machines and Mechanisms——Proceedings of the 2018 HMM IFToMM Symposium on History of Machines and Mechanisms, Sprigner, 2019:199-212.

8.    HUANG Xing. Empirical research on the Loadstone Spoon “Si Nan” in Ancient China. Studies in the History of Natural Sciences20173):361-386. (In Chinese)

9.    HUANG Xing. A Comparison between Ancient Chinese and European Winnowers: Further Research on the Ancients’ Recognition and Application of the Centrifugal Principle.// Marco Ceccarelli. New Activities for Cultural HeritageProceedings of the International Conference HeritageBot 2017, Springer, 2017:33-42.

10. HUANG Xing, LI AngPAN Jixing. Interview with Mr. Pan Jixing. Journal of Guangxi University for NationalitiesNatural Science Edition, 2017(3):1-9. (In Chinese)

11. HUANG Xing. A Literature Review on the Historical Studies of Compass in China. Journal of Dialectics of Nature2017(1):85-94. (In Chinese)

12. HUANG Xing, QIAN Wei, Wei Wei, Jingning Guo, Naitao Liu. 3D Numerical Simulation on the Flow Field of Single Tuyere Blast Furnaces: A Case Study of the Shuiquangou Iron Smelting Site in 9th to 13th Century China. Journal of Archaeological Science, Vol.63(2015):44-58.

13. HUANG Xing, QIAN Wei. Reconstruction Study on the Bellow of Blast Furnace in Liao Dynasty——A Case of the Iron Smelting Site at Shuiquangou, Yanqing in Beijing. Applied Mechanics and Materials. Vol.163(2012): 7-11.

14. HUANG Xing, QIAN Wei. A Study on the Types and Performance of the Winnower in Ancient China. Agricultural History of China. 2013(2):24-37. (In Chinese)

15. HUANG Xing, QIAN Wei. A Comparative Study on the World Bellows before the Industrial Revolution. Studies in the History of Natural Science, Vol.32 No.1 (2013). (In Chinese)

16. HUANG Xing. The Status of Electric-Lamp Industry from 1879 to 1911 in China and Its Industrial Heritage. Journal of Inner Mongolia Normal University (Natural Science Edition), 2009(3):329-336. (In Chinese)

17. HUANG Xing, QIAN Wei. A New Research on the Wood Fan Bellow. Technology: History, Heritage and the Culture diversity——Proceedings of the 2th Forum for the History of Technology. Beijing, Popular Science Press, 2013:84-91. (In Chinese)

18. HUANG Xing. A Research on the Shaoxing Armillary Sphere in South Song Dynasty. Development of Technology and Cultural Heritage. Jinan, Shandong Education Press, 2008:57-65. (In Chinese)

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Other Works

1. Three-dimensional digital animations:

  1) "Tao Tao Huanghe, Youyou Shuiche——A Structure Exhibition of the Yellow River Waterwheels in Lanzhou" (five minutes)

  2) "A Structure Exhibition of the Jiami Water Mill" (threee minutes)

  3) "A Cast Iron Smelting Processing Simulation of the Yanqing Shuiquangou Site" (five minutes)

2. Numerical Simulation and Video Exhibition

  "A Smelting Processes Digital Simulation in the Blast Furnace at Yanqing Shuiquangou"

3. Database Software Production

  "An Database Software for Oracle collections of Tsinghua University"

4. Special Equipment Development for the Archaeological Sciences

  1) A Magnetic Moment Measuring Device for the Free Shapes Magnet

  2) A Dedicated Systems for the Geomagnetic Field Simulation

  3) A Program-controlled Multifunctional Linear Cutter



Address: Institute for the History of Natural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences,55 ZHONGGUANCUN East Road. Beijing, 100190

Email: huangxing@ ihns.ac.cn

Phone number: +86 10 5755 2537