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  • SUN Lie

Name: SUN Lie

Nationality: Chinese



Institute for the History of Natural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences,

55 Zhong-guan-cun East Road, Haidian District,

Beijing, P.R.China, 100190

    Phone: +86-10-5755-2549

    Email: sunlie@ihns.ac.cn


Present Position

Prof., Ph.D.

Institute for the History of Natural Science (IHNS), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

Associate Editor-in-Chief,

Studies in the History of Natural Sciences.

Deputy secretary general,

The Specialized Committee of the History of Technology of CSHST.


Research Interest

History of Technology, History of Mechanical Engineering, History of Ordnance.


Employment History

Technische Universitaet Berlin. Project scientist of “Making Technology Appropriate”(DFG project) . 2012 ~ 2014.

Technische Universitaet Berlin. Visiting scholar in the history of science and technology. 2012.

Beijing Zhongke Information Technology Limited Company. 2001~2004.


Academic Degrees

June/2011, PhD, History of Science and Technology, IHNS, CAS.

June/2007, MS, History of Science and Technology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

June/1995, BE, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Luoyang Institute of Technology.


Selected Publications

  1. Sun, L. Making a Big Machine: The Road of Innovation to the 120MN Hydraulic Forging Press in 20th Century China (Zhizao Yitai Dajiqi: 20 Shiji 50-60 Niandai Zhongguo Wandun Shuiyaji de Chuangxin zhi Lu). Jinan: Shandong Education Press, 2012. ISBN 978-7-5328-7066-0.
  2. Sun, L. German Krupp and Late Qing Chinese Artillery: Technology Transfer through Trade and Imitation (Deguo Kelubo yu Wanqing Huopao: Maoyi yu Fangzhi Moshi xia de Jishu Zhuanyi. Jinan: Shandong Education Press, 2014. ISBN 978-7-5328-8726-2.
  3. Forschner, D., Sun. L (translator). German Steam Locomotives in China: Production and operation of German steam locomotives in China from 1892 until 1985. China Railway Publishing House, 2017.
  4. Sun L. Evolution of the Chinese Science and Technology System. Bulletin of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Vol.34, No.9 Sept. 2019.970-981.)
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  6. Sun L. The historical process of becoming a powerful country in science and technology. Science Pictorial. No.9 2019.
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Talks and Presentations

  1. SUN L. Problems and progress in the Research on the History of China’s Modern Military Technology. 1stCIAHS. 2019.9.11. Athens, Greece.
  2. SUN L. From Binoculars to Cinetheodolite: The Development of Applied Optics and the Optical Industry in China. APS (American Physical Society) March Meeting. Boston, USA. 2019.3.5.
  3. SUN L. Technology Transfer and Standardization of Light and Heavy Weapons in China (1864-1955). The 6th Forum on Histoty and Heritage of Technology in China (第六届中国技术史与技术遗产论坛) 2018.06.04-05.
  4. SUN L. SHEN Hong (1906-1998): A Legendary Engineer of China’s Modern Machinery Industry. 6th International Symposium on HMM 2018. 2018.09.26-28.
  5. Worker-engineers who built “Big Machines”: A Case Study of Industrial Artisans in China in 1960s. SHOT-IHNS-CNSM workshop: Craft and innovation in modern societies. Hangzhou. 2018.
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