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  • ZHANG Zhihui

Zhihui ZHANG 

Research Fellow 

Ph.D., Associate Professor of History, IHNS, CAS 

Residence: August, 2010– now 

Departments and research group: Division for the History of Science and Technology in Modern China       



PhD in Philosophy of Science and Technology, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 2010 

MS in Philosophy of Science and Technology, Northeastern University, Shenyang, 2007 

BS in International Economic Law/Political Science, Northeastern University, Shenyang,2005 

Research Interest/Areas 

History of science in modern China; Science, Technology, and public politics; Philosophy of technology and engineering  

Membership in professional associations

Committee member, travel grant committee, SHOT (Society for the History of Technology);

Committee member,branch society of engineering history, Chinese Society for the History of Science and Technology

Selected publications 

Dams, Chinese Perspective. Carl Mitcham ed. Ethics, Science, Technology and Engineering, 2nd edition.2014 cooperated with Youmei Lu 

Three Gorges Dam. Carl Mitcham ed. Ethics, Science, Technology and Engineering, 2nd edition.2014  

The Fusion and Conflict between Engineering Education and General Education in China After 1949.ASEE annual conference proceeding in 2014.(cooperated with Xiaofeng Tang) 

“Explorations on Several Problems Related to Dam Projects Development.” China Science and Technology Press, 2013, Forthcoming. 

“Dam Construction Ethics in China”. In Steen Hyldgaard Christensen, Carl Mitcham, Bocong Li Engineering eds., Development and Philosophy: American, Chinese and European .Springer press. Volume 11, 2012:317-327. 

The Evolution of Dam-Based Water Conservancy Engineering.” In YIN Ruiyu, LI Bocong, and WANG Yingluo, eds.Theory of Engineering Evolution. Beijing: Higher Education Press, 2012, 320-341. Co-authored with LU Youmei and HU Daisong. 

“Analysis on Characteristics of the Current Debates about Dam Engineering and Some Related Suggestions.” Studies in the Dialectics of Nature, 2011 (7): 68-74.  

“The Educational Foundation for the Innovation System.” In Comparing National Innovation Systems: The Structure and Performance of The National Innovation System in Germany. Beijing: Intellectual Property Press, 2011:188-263. 

“The Significance, Present Situation and Corrective Measures on Public Understanding of Engineering in China.” Journal of Engineering Studies, 2010 (3): 217-227. 

“Criticism on ‘Original Ecology’ and the Construction of Dynamic and Harmonious Relationship between Engineering and Environment.” Journal of Engineering Studies, 2009 (04): 346-353. Co-authored with LU Youmei.  

“An Appraisal on the Renewed Interests in Schumpeter’s Innovation Theories.” Theory Horizon2009 (10): 80-82. 

“On the Double Effects of Technical Barriers to Trade on Technologies.” Science and Technology Management Research, 2009 (01): 83-85. Co-authored with Li Jining. 

“A Study of Carl Mitcham’s Thoughts on Philosophy of Engineering.” Journal of Engineering Studies 4, 2009: 6-16. 



Member of ASEE (US); member of 4S (US ) 

Committee of Chinese society for the study of history of engineering (China) 


2012.11. Beijing. fPET Annual Conference in 2012. Report:Social Construction of Rationality in Engineering: the Case of Hydraulic Engineering in China.  

2013.7. Lisbon. SPT Biennial Conference 2013. Report: The Influence of Internet Technology on Public Engineering Decision System in China: Theoretical Framework and Case Studies  

2013.11.21-24. HSS Annual conference in 2013. Boston, US. Report:Research on the Origin of Engineering Science and its Development in China.  

2013.10.17-18.San Diego, US.Historical Influences on Contemporary Chinese Grand Strategic Thinking on Science and Technology.  

2014.02. Jacksonville. APPE (Association for Practical and Professional Ethics). Annual Conference in 2014. Report: Dam construction Ethics in China.  

2014.5. Blacksburg. US. fPET Annual Conference in 2014. Report:The Rationality of Engineering Ethics Codes: The Case of Dam construction in China 

2014.06(Indianapolis. US. ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education) Annual Conference in 2014. Report:The Fusion and Conflict Between Engineering Education and General Education in China after 1949).  


Address: Institute for the History of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences,  

55 ZHONGGUANCUN East Road ,Haidian District 

Beijing, 100190 


Phone number: 86-10-57552554