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  • CHEN Wei


Name: CHEN Wei

Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Residence: Semp, 2013– now

Departments and research group: History of Ancient Chinese Science and Techonoly


Education and Appointment


2013.9~ IHNS,CAS Assistant Researcher

2010.9~2013.7 IHNS,CAS PH.D. in History of Technology

2007.9~2010.7 IHNS,CAS M.A. in History of Mathematics

2003.9~2007.7 Peking University B.A. in History


Selected Publications


1. CHEN Wei, ZOU Dahai, “Methods of Area Calculation in the Mathematical Books and the Land System of Mid-Ancient China”, Studies in the History of Natural Science, 2009(4): 426-436.

2. CHEN Wei, “The Distribution and Technical Transmission of Ferriery in Ancient China” Studies in the History of Natural Scinece, 2012(4): 435-448.




Address:Institute for the History of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences,


Beijing, 100190