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  • WANG Gong

Name: WANG Gong 

Ph.D., Assistant Professor



Research Interest/Fields


The social history of science and technology in modern China (History of science in WWII, History of nutrition science, History of electronics and communications engineering)





2010.09—2018.06    Tsinghua University -- Ph.D. in Science, Technology and Society (STS)

2004.09—2008.06    Harbin institute of Technology--B.E. in Electronic Science and Technology


Employment History 


2018.07—                 Institute for the History of Natural Science, CAS--Assistant research fellow

2017.10—2018.02     Needham Research Institute--Visiting scholar

2014.08—2015.08     epartment of HPS, University of Pittsburgh--Visiting scholar

2008.07—2010.08     R&D Department, Beijing SEED Co. Ltd. --Hardware Engineer,



Selected Publications

Journal articles 


  1. WANG Gong, YANG Jian.. On the Establishment of Wartime Nutrition Guarantee System and the Institutionalization of Modern Nutrition Science in China during World War II [J]. Journal of Dialectics of Nature. 2018,(CSSCI)
  2. WANG Gong, YANG Jian. “Nutrition Research Carried out by Shen Tong during the Anti-Japanese War”, The Chinese Journal for the History of Science and Technology. 016,37(2): 162-173+ Inside Front Cover.(CSCD)
  3. WANG Gong. “On Cornell University's Teachers' and Students' Vitamins Donation to China in WWII”, Social Sciences of Beijing.2016(4):40-50.(CSSCI)
  4. WANG Gong. “On Engels’s ‘three great discoveries of natural science in the 19th century’”, Science & Culture Review. 2016,13(3):52-57.(Cover Remarked paper in this Issue)
  5. WANG Gong. “The Earliest Transmission and Influence of Karl Popper’s Doctrine in China”, Studies in Philosophy of Science and Technology. 2016,33(1):108-112.(CSSCI)
  6. WANG Gong, LI Yingjie, YUE Sufang. “Technological target and benchmarking: the innovation of Vector Miss-Distance Measurement Radar Research in Mao Erke and Wu Siliang’s Group”, Science & Technology Progress and Policy.2016,33(14):1-5.(CSSCI)
  7. WANG Gong, WANG Jianan, LI Yingjie. “On the Department of Physics of Zhejiang University between the End of Anti-Japanese War and the Early Days of PRC”, Studies in Dialectics of Nature.2017,33(4):96-102.(CSSCI)


Books /Chapters

  1. YANG Jian, WANG Jiannan, WANG Gong. “Biography of LI Zhijian: an Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences”. Beijing: China Science and Technology Press(ISBN 978-7-5046-7524-8 / K·225), 2017
  2. YANG Jian, WANG Gong, “Case Study of Chinese Science and Engineering Masters”, Beijing : Science Press(ISBN 978-7-03-038171-2), 2013, pp561-615


Talks and Presentations

  1. WANG Gong,YANG Jian,ZHANG Chenggang. “Science and Technology in the Rear Area of China during World War II: a case study based on the Special Research Institute of Tsinghua University”, ICHSTM2013 Manchester , 2013.7
  2. WANG Gong,YANG Jian. The Biochemistry Research Processed by Shen Tong in China During WWII, 12th EASTS, Beijing,2016.11
  3. WANG Gong,The Biochemistry Research Processed by Shen Tong in China during WWII,The 14th international conference on the history of Chinese science,Nanjing, 2016.11
  4. WANG Gong,YANG Jian .“Nutrition Research Carried out in the Southwest China during WWII” ICHST2017 Rio de Janeiro, 2017.7
  5. WANG Gong,Nutrition Science in China during World War II,The 9th Meeting of International Society for the History of Medicine, Beijing, 2017.9





  1. 2018,07—,Sub-project of the Major breakthrough projects of IHNS in the13th Five-Year Plan “Historical research on information science and communications engineering in modern China”, (Y850010003, in charge)
  2. 2017.05—2018.05,Joint school research award program“Nutrition research in WWII : one aspect of modern China's science and technology and society”, (NO.ZS2017008, in charge)
  3. 2015.09—2017.09, China Association for Science and Technology Project: Collects Historical Archives of Senior Chinese Scientists’ Academic Related Materials “WANG Chongyu”, (NO. CJGC2015 -BJ12, chief researcher)
  4. 2012.09—2015.12, Tsinghua University Independent research program “Social History of Science in Modern China”, (NO. 2012THZ01, chief researcher)
  5. 2011.09—2013.12, China Association for Science and Technology Project: Collects Historical Archives of Senior Chinese Scientists’ Academic Related Materials “LI Zhijian” (NO. 2010CJGC03-37, chief researcher)
  6. 2011.08—2012.05, Ministry of Science and Technology of China : Old Chinese Expert Academic Inheritance Project “Mao Erke” (NO.2008IM020400, chief researcher)




Address: Institute for the History of Natural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences,
55 ZHONGGUANCUN East Road, Haidian District
Beijing, 100190

Email: wanggong@ihns.ac.cn   wanggong10@mails.tsinghua.edu.cn