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  • On the Cast-on with Revit Structure in the Bronze Foundry in Ancient China
Jounal : 亚细亚铸造技术史学会研究发表资料集
Author : SU Rongyu    
YEAR : 2013
Vol. :
No. : 7
Page : 85-98
Abstract :

This paper discusses a special technical phenomenon, ---- cast on with rivet structure in ancient bronze objects, aming to enforce the connection of cast-on part to body. A gui vessel unearthed at Panlongcheng is the earlist one, the origin of this process may trace to Erligang Phase in southern China. Another gui from Longtou just behind it and they made in same workshop. A jia vessel unearthed at Hejiacun is also same situation and exported there. Relevent other two jia vessels lost their unearthed information, one collected in Freer Gallery of Art and another one in Sumitomo collections. Both two occupy typical feature of bronze founded in southern China, and they all adopted process of handles cast on the body with rivet structure, the paper suggests they made in southern China, from workshop of the family who invented this process. If both of hem founded in other places, it is artisan from that family migrated somewhere founded. Moreover, the paper analyses the type evolution of five objects as well as their dates.