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  • Prescription annotations in Welfare Pharmacy
Jounal : 《中国中药杂志》
Author : Hanyi    
YEAR : 2018
Vol. : 43
No. : 6
Page : 1292-1296
Abstract : Welfare Pharmacy contains medical formulas documented by the government and official prescriptions used by the official pharmacy in the pharmaceutical process. In the last years of Southern Song Dynasty,anonyms gave a lot of prescription annotations,made textual researches for the name,source,composition and origin of the prescriptions,and supplemented important historical data of medical cases and researched historical facts. The annotations of Welfare Pharmacy gathered the essence of medical theory,and can be used as precious materials to correctly understand the syndrome differentiation,compatibility regularity and clinical application of prescriptions. This article deeply investigated the style and form of the prescription annotations in Welfare Pharmacy,the name of prescriptions and the evolution of terminology,the major functions of the prescriptions,processing methods,instructions for taking medicine and taboos of prescriptions,the medical cases and clinical efficacy of prescriptions,the backgrounds,sources,composition and cultural meanings of prescriptions,proposed that the prescription annotations played an active role in the textual dissemination,patent medicine production and clinical diagnosis and treatment of Welfare Pharmacy. This not only helps understand the changes in the names and terms of traditional Chinese medicines in Welfare Pharmacy,but also provides the basis for understanding the knowledge sources, compatibility regularity,important drug innovations and clinical medications of prescriptions in Welfare Pharmacy.