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  • The Capturing of German Rocket Technology by the USSR: 1944-1946
Jounal : Гуманитарные науки
Author : Wangfang    
YEAR : 2018
Vol. :
No. :
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Abstract : This paper introduces in details how the Soviets captured the German Rocket Technology by investigating and collecting the technology of V-2 rockets in Poland and Germany and purchasing the patents for inventions of Germany. This paper further states that, the USSR’s acquisition of the German Rocket Technology began with the search and inspection in 1944, and after World War II,large research institutes were built in the Soviet occupied zones to explore more ways to obtain German Rocket Technology, such as collecting data on rocket equipment, recruiting German rocket experts, purchasing German patents, etc. The above methods helped the USSR a lot in quickly capturing German Rocket Technology and building its own rocket industry.