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  • A Multidimensional Survey into Tricentennial History of English Translation of Chinese Classics and Practical Enlightenments
Jounal : Library Tribune
Author : WANG Yanmeng;SUN Xianbin    
YEAR : 2023-11-06
Vol. :
No. :
Page : 1-12
Abstract : The English translation of Chinese classics is vital in facilitating mutual communication between Chinese and Western cultures, which in turn promotes the inheritance and utilization of these classics. For this reason, this paper screens out 1620 relevant items from A Bibliography of Western Translation of Chinese Works and A New Bibliography of Western Translation of Chinese Works (1900-2017). Then the methods of visualized analysis and bibliometric analysis are followed to uncover the landscape of the English translated Chinese classics, translators and publication since 1736. Consequently, the translations of Chinese classics sponsored by Chinese government should avoid the overlapping of the translated works and consider the needs of Western readers, advocate the spirits of famous translators and their collaboration with younger ones, as well as forward the international reputation of domestic publishing houses and their cooperation with that in Britain and America.