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  • Research on the Practical Situation and Communication Effect of Popular Science Lectures in the Information Age
Jounal : Journal of Chongqing Technology and Business University(Social Science Edition)
Author : GU Min-jia    
YEAR : 2023-11-16
Vol. : 40
No. : 06
Page : 166-176
Abstract : Popular science lecture is a fruitful way of popularizing science. With the popularization of the Internet and the deepening of informatization, popular science lectures have become a new means and method of knowledge dissemination, and to a certain extent, they have promoted the opening and sharing of global intellec-tual resources. However, the research on popular science lectures has been relatively weak so far. This paper discussed popular science lectures in the information age, including their connotation, characteristics, advanta-ges, subjects, audiences, contents, methods, effectiveness, and constraints. The case study and comparative study of TED Talks and YiX i Talks were carried out, and the AIDA model was introduced to analyze their com-munication effects. The countermeasures to improve popular science lectures are proposed: placing more empha-sis on popular science and popular science lectures; strengthening the scientific research oriented to communica-tion needs; and promoting popular science lectures in the classroom to become an integral part of contemporary education.